Pray Through The Psalm

The problem with much of our prayer life is we are focused too much on ourselves and less upon the Lord. If all we ever do is pray in conformity with our hearts and never counter to it, we will be tempted to make prayer something it was never intended; some sort of magic formula (in Jesus name). Yet, prayer is much more than petition, it’s intimacy. Prayer is much more than us speaking, it’s also listening. Prayer is not so much about getting our heart expressed as it is about having our heart aligned.

Over the next several weeks, we invite you to join with us as we journal and pray through the Book of Psalms. The process is simple; read through a psalm, writing and praying as you work through each one. In the left column are psalms we will pray through together. In the right column, several other psalms are listed. Consider working through one psalm per day as you have time. If you miss a day, no biggie, just start up again the next day.