Our Church Covenant

Since we have received the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and have been baptized, we now, before God and His church, covenant to:

  • Walk together in Christian love

  • Worship and pray together

  • Faithfully attend worship services

  • Be willing to help in all church work

  • Give cheerfully our tithes and offerings for the work of the church and the spreading of the Gospel

  • Help those in need in our church and in our community

  • Lead family devotions

  • Teach our children about Jesus Christ

  • Witness to members of our family, friends, and to strangers

  • Be honest and faithful in all our dealings

  • Stay away from all types of immorality in our thoughts, our speech, and in our actions

  • Speak only that which is true and helpful

  • Be slow in anger and quick to forgive

Oh God, help us by Your Power to keep these covenant promises. Amen.

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