Becoming a Member of Grace Point

  • When a person desires membership at Grace Point Church, they need not request membership formally at the end of a worship service, although they may do so if they wish. They may inquire of any elder, deacon, or member about membership. Any request for membership at Grace Point Church will be communicated to the elders.

  • One of the elders will plan for an initial membership interview.

    • In that interview, the elder will inquire about the candidate’s conversion experience, baptism, and prior church membership.

    • The elder will present to the candidate Grace Point’s faith statement, constitution and bylaws, and a membership commitment card. A date will be set for the candidate to go through a New Members class.

  • Upon completion of the New Members class, at the next Sunday convenient to the candidate, they will be presented to the church at the end of the worship service and be received by the congregation.